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You were defined by how cool your My Space layout was – animated GIFs, custom CSS and your favorite embedded You Tube video.Very rarely was anything of substance shared there and more or less, everyone had the same opportunity to meet and connect with others.

Then you ‘swipe right’ if you find them attractive, and left if you don’t (bonus: when you swipe left you get a satisfying stamp across their picture that says ‘NOPE.’) It’s slightly vain and shallow but it’s also addictive. Is Tinder simply a microcosm of what we do in real life (p.s. File people away as attractive or unattractive, make split second decisions based on minimal facts, trust complete strangers?

From there, if you also fall into their criteria (age, sex, distance) and they find you attractive: you match. Do we really need to know tons of information about someone to know if they’re a good match?

God uses our choices, other people, and sometimes even modern technology, to bring about marriages.

I’m not the typical “guy” who posts shirtless pictures of himself on dating sites or sends unsolicited pictures of his genitals to random women.

" Answer: The Bible doesn’t talk about Christian dating services.

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    There is no limit as to how long you can watch their live shows.