Bryan greenberg dating jamie chung

"We just stay pretty active."News of the couple's engagement comes just after they celebrated the New Year in Turks and Caicos. Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg may have only gotten married in November, but the couple already has a long list of beautiful moments together.Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman have been going strong for many years now and they’re starting a family with an adorable pet pooch!

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CLICK TO VIEW FULL GALLERY Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg married on Saturday The actress and her co-star turned their nuptials into a three-day celebration starting with a "boos and booze" welcome dinner and party in the woods, where guests were encouraged to wear Halloween costumes.

On Saturday, the couple wed in an outdoor ceremony that included both personal vows and Jewish traditions.

Watching four grown up men doing wildly irresponsible and silly things just is not funny at all.

It is actually pitiful, and I feel sorry for these characters.

Mario Lopez and Lindsey Mckeon have both appeared on Saved by the Bell, though not at the same time.