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The discovery of enigmatic archaeological finds is nothing new in America.

For many years, scientists and ordinary people have happened upon everything from the skeletal remains of visitors that should NOT exist to ancient coins that logically cannot exist where they are found, bizarre writings and carvings, mystery stones in ancient languages and more.

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If youre not an avid reader of the Ancient American, a magazine devoted to proving that Columbus was only the last in a long parade of African, Asian and European discoverers of America, you may not be aware of the wonders supposedly entombed within the depths of Burrows Cave -- wonders that make what Howard Carter found in Tutankhamens tomb look paltry by comparison.

The extravagant claims of gold statues, gold sarcophagi, gold coins, bronze weapons, and parchment scrolls, however, have never been verified.

More kindly, others suggested that the carvings may have been placed in the cave, and forgotten, by an innocent hobbyist years before.

They believed this unknown person would have never dreamed the stones would be accepted as genuine.

Although the two maps are similar in most respects, there are important differences.