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Any old ABLE MABLE blokes who might be willing to help, please do.

Good on yer, mates Dan Grace A1C45th TRS Det TSN 1965Darwin, Australia Comments: I was a navy radio/TV broadcast engineer flying NC-121J Blue Eagle aircraft assigned to Project Jenny/VXN-8 Detachment Western Pacific at Tan Son Nhut.

Comments: Please take your time to read what others have written here and enjoy the messages or suggestions that friends have left on our web site. If you are a former member of Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, or passed through the base, we especially need to hear from you, today. Pickens, Dec 28, 2001 URL: Comments: I was an intelligence officer with the 16th TRS at Tan Son Nhut from Nov 1965 to Jan 1967, and was also there for the first (mortar) attack on the base and some later (B47 rocket) attacks as well.

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His leading man status was cemented in the 1983 mini-series The Thorn Birds in which he played Father Ralph de Bricassart, who breaks his vow of celibacy after falling in love with Rachel Ward’s ingénue Meggie Cleary.

The illicit romance in the drama, adapted from Colleen Mc Cullough’s 1977 novel set on a sheep station in the Australian outback, stunned viewers and caused controversy with many complaining at the suggestion of such a scandal.

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