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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Some of the Turkish men don't believe in public displays of affection. They may think that they have bigger issues than the love.

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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus claimed today that the mass shooting was carried out professionally with the involvement of an intelligence organisation.

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Officers reportedly found him along with his son, aged four, staying at the home of a friend from Kyrgyzstan in the city.

Police released a photo of a man with a blood-stained T-shirt, being held by an officer and forced to look at the camera.

” he said, feigning spite, and then in a high-pitched voice said, “I love you. You’re the only man for me.” The other man laughed and nodded. In the capital city, in Tehran, it’s like drugs and orgies,” one of the men explained. “Yes well, if everyone drinks so much so much and there’s a lot of drugs…” He explained that since Tehran is so close to Afghanistan, which produces a huge amount of drugs, “Iran is the gateway of drugs to the West. “Well, it depends on the culture of the family;” one of the men explained, “I even know some families where the girls’ boyfriends used to live with them.