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In that capacity he reviewed literally tens of thousands on-line profiles of single, divorced, and widowed men and women.

Over the past year he has also done extensive work with clients on other on-line dating sites, such as and Our

Then there are those that just want to be “pen pals”! I had a bad break up 15 years ago with someone I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with. Where are the so-called activists that stand up for attractive and vibrant senior females who earnestly want a meaningful relationship or marriage? Let’s take a look: Fix #1: “Casual Relationship” translates as “no emotional involvement, but might include sex.” And you list “Pen Pal” – which you then complain about! If you want a serious relationship, eliminate these options. If you’re the right one and live more than 50 miles away, that isn’t a deal breaker, that’s a challenge to be overcome.

It was devastating, and afterward I was so heartbroken – even though there were many problems with that relationship. We may be miles apart in geography, but the world is getting smaller every day.

So then, why have your on-line dating experiences been so unsuccessful?

Is it because there are no decent members of the opposite sex available anymore? Perhaps you have not found the love of your life because you are not representing yourself well. There is an excellent chance that your online profile "lacks the luster" it needs to really show the world who you truly are.

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