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They are used to perform some custom action before an event occurs.

In this case, there is a flexibility of cancelling the event on some conditions so that the event that gets initiated will not occur.

Firstly we need to add the calendar list we are going to use.

On the parent page of where the calendar will reside use the site actions menu to create a new Calendar.

Already known as a collaboration workhorse, Share Point looks to identify with an increasingly social network-infused world by introducing familiar features like personal newsfeeds, follows, likes and more that can be used to link with anything or anyone in Share Point. Sure, we’d all love to be on the latest version of a product, but it’s not like someone will just get us there for free… 2.) Being under the protective wing of the Share Point Cloud (which means managed Share Point, expert support, and a reliable network). We know that updates don’t guarantee improvements, so we wanted to show you the differences between Share Point 2010 and Share Point 2013.