Are damon fizzy and taylor swift dating

Although he was quickly removed from the 2015 Grow Wild Tour lineup midway through the tour and, weeks later, booted from Warped Tour before his dates began, his career rebounded: When Jones was arrested this month, he was at an airport returning from a European tour; he had half a million subscribers on You Tube.

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The new snake video seamlessly connects to the one posted yesterday, suggesting that the reason she cleared all of her pictures is to make room for one big snake that will take over her entire Instagram page. Now, she's back, and posting a cryptic video on her social media that has fans buzzing again for a very particular reason.

But here's the thing: Instagram only lets you do three pictures across, meaning that if she's slowly teasing out a full image, she has just one slot left to do it. It seems pretty safe to assume the next video will be the head of a snake, making one long snake across the first row of her feed. Or perhaps Thursday, the day after the third video will be posted? Take a look at the video below, which is just ten seconds long and shows a short clip of a tail. There's no sound, no caption, and certainly no context — except for the fact that Taylor Swift and snakes actually go way back.

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