Dating religious fanatic

It also is sometimes interesting in its' twists & takes on the concept of morality as a whole.

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A religious freak can be rather compelling and even convince you to convert your religion.

It’s a thin line between being spiritual and honoring your faith, to being weird and controlling. It’s weird to throw holy water at figments in the dark. They are hot, charismatic, praise Jesus and won’t put out.

I felt as if this film was exquisitely done from start to finish, and one of those rare gems that seemed to be without any boring lulls -- the action flowing neatly, quickly, and tightly from one scene to the next.

It demonstrates just how far people can go: so as to do such horrible things to their loved ones, and to do such acts of evil, in the name of 'God' when they are disillusioned as in this case.

It is the sort of story that the director (Bill Paxton) could do so much with, and in this case, he really did do a lot with it.