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They came up to us, and the blond said:“Young people, let me ask you for a favor. —The girl named Milena ran a couple meters away, raised a crude newspaper page from the ground and brought it to me.

Help my daughter put this paper ship on the river—support her so she won’t slip.”By smell and manner of speech, it was obvious that her evening had begun at least a bottle of wine back. I made a ship, pronouncing aloud every action as if I believed the girl cared.

Albert Einstein may have been a genius, but when it came to relationships, he was just as clueless as the rest of us—maybe even more so.

In a letter written near the end of his life to the family of his closest friend, Michele Besso, the great physicist shared poignant regrets about his two marriages and mused on the rarity of combining a “sharp intelligence” with a “harmonious life.” One of a cache of 56 letters that will be auctioned off by Christie’s next month, the letter offers a rare glimpse into Einstein’s feelings about his complicated love life, which included a bitter breakup with his first wife, a second marriage to his first cousin and an affair with a suspected Russian spy.

However, low collagen content, contamination from the burial environment, or museum conservation work, such as addition of glues, preservatives, and fumigants to “protect” archaeological materials, have previously led to inaccurate dates.