Dirty facetime chat

Priyanka herself confessed and said, “I was a little unsure about this one, whether I should… ” The actress even went on to reveal that it’s her favourite piece and how she incorporates it in her everyday looks, “It is the best thing on airports. It’s very comfortable.” Well, we know of one Bollywood superstar who was linked to Priyanka a few years ago who also just happened to be a huge Dolce & Gabbana fan. Like us if you’ve any guesses do comment in the box below…

Making matters worse, correspondent Nick Bilton explains, is the fact that C. “The problem is—and this is really Evan’s responsibility—he’s not out there speaking to investors,” Bilton said on this week’s episode of “What Spiegel really should be doing is getting out there and saying, I know Facebook is after me, Instagram is after me, but here’s what I’ve got up my sleeve.”What, if anything, Snapchat has up its sleeve is a tricky question to answer.

In 2016, Snapchat rebranded as a “camera company,” after Spiegel had the realization that the future of communication isn’t textual; it’s visual.

That’s a powerful insight, and one that’s made Spiegel the best millennial-whisperer in the Valley.

“But making cameras and glasses and things like that that are inexpensive is not an easy task,” Bilton notes. Spiegel’s grand vision for creating a new visual language for the digital age is a good one, even if it leaves him vulnerable to ruthless imitation by Facebook.

Months after Snapchat went public in a momentary burst of investor exuberance, its stock is slumping.