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So, the next time you want to go buck wild, you might want to refer back to these photos and see how the disease can deform your body and remember to wrap it up.

Click below to view the 15 cities with the worst herpes rates in the U.

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Type 1 more often causes cold sores, while type 2 more often causes genital sores. For people who do notice their first infection, it generally appears about 2 to 14 days after they were exposed to genital herpes.

Some people have outbreaks of itchy and painful on the penis or around the opening of the vagina.

But in some people, the infection causes occasional outbreaks of itchy and painful sores in the genital area.

Most people never have symptoms, or the symptoms are so mild that people don't know that they are infected.

Furthermore, the CDC also says that the five cities with the most herpes cases also have as high as a 40 percent infection rate for sexually active young people.