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Generally, any Disney items from before 1966 are in higher demand by collectors and usually command higher prices.

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The following links take you to images of a few of these vintage collectibles: It is still possible to find vintage Mickey or Minnie Mouse plush pieces while visiting estate sales, thrift shops or garage sales.

However, they are more commonly found both on and off line in antique and collectible shops or auctions.

Considering that there are dating sites for farmers, cat lovers, sci-fi fans, and even women who just want to find a guy that sounds like Hugh Grant, it’s no surprise Disney devotees have their own dating site, even though it isn’t officially affiliated with Disney. Samantha from Yorba Linda, CA "I'm that ' Disney person' lol!

" Check out her profile L4MVL9atv Ok0Vybsy — Mouse (@Mouse Mingle) July 27, 2017 The site has people answer questions about their favorite Disney movie and songs, and also has a lot of questions regarding the theme parks, although the site says you don’t have to live near one of them to sign up.

Disney follows strict “character integrity” rules, so if an alteration is made to one character in Disney World, it has to be done to that same character around the world — you know, because there’s only ONE Mickey Mouse (wink wink wink nudge wink, that’s what small children are told, obviously, but you as an adult know the real Disney Truth).