Are maks and peta still dating

"I just want my brother to catch it," Maks said between laughs, as Peta wholeheartedly agreed. Mom will be happy, peace in the family."Click through for more fun wedding details: TRADITIONS Peta: This all not really planned and thought out, but on the second day that we're going to have, it would be awesome to have like a backyard barbecue or something with a cool patio set up.

Maks: [In Australian accent] Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

Here's a look at other celebrity couples who have recently gotten engaged.

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"The couple still doesn't know whether they're having a boy or girl, but "we'll be in trouble with a little me running around," Chmerkovskiy joked.

After a month of swirling pregnancy rumors, the reports are finally confirmed — this engaged twosome is expecting their first child together!

Murgatroyd, 29, and Chmerkovskiy, 36, got engaged in December and are thrilled to already be expanding their family, reports.

reality show "Just Jillian." Rhoades said yes after watching a fake movie trailer about their own love story.