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Thank God for Jay Haizlip for having a story that isn't just superficial and putting aside his bravado to reach out to someone who many would shun.As for Wayne Chaney, has he already given up on this gig?Clarence wonders why Deitrick thinks it is alright to tell him how to run his ministry.

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The maturity and skill that colors this new music is glorifying to the teacher and uplifting to the listener: that’s how you know it’s real.

Listen to some of the best songs from the journey thus far…

"Today we are celebrating the birth of our second healthy baby girl, Denver Monroe Haddon! " Haddon posted as soon as the baby came into the world.

Haddon and Dominique began dating back when the singer/actor was in a dark place due to a rough divorce with his first wife Damita Haddon after 15 years.

Well, we're back for round two of Preachers of L. Clarence Mc Clendon was too busy counting money Scrooge Mc Duck-style with his butler to make much of an appearance, while Noel Jones was all about family and females…or one female in particular.