Audrina patridge dating corey bohan again

Audrina admits she was “in shock” when Corey dropped to one knee at the restaurant, presenting her with an engagement ring he had made in Australia.

“When dessert time came he ordered cheesecake and the waiter brought it out on a platter with a beautiful silver cover,” she explained.

“I noticed all the waitresses gathering with phones and thought, What is going on? ’ I was in shock and kind of didn’t even hear him but I said yes!

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In July 2013, the model gushed to Us that Bohan was “the love of her life,” though she acknowledged that their long distance relationship made things difficult.

Heartache or not, Patridge still looked as radiant as ever at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards over the weekend, which she was psyched to attend.

#babyontheway," she said on Twitter, adding a couple of more hashtags indicating that the picture of herself with holiday trimmings and a positive pregnancy test was in fact an ad for said test.

(Hey, mama's gotta work to buy those booties, right?

Audrina Patridge of The Hills fame has lived a pretty low-key life since she shacked up with Laguna Beach’s Lauren Conrad on the MTV reality TV show.

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