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With Firmware V3.0, which is free to download, you’ll have even more ways to craft the perfect guitar tone.

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With its 55 custom guitar effects and amp models, an easy-to-use interface, onboard chromatic tuner and versatile power options, you'll be surprised at how much the MS-50G has to offer.

The MS-50G comes pre-loaded with 100 great-sounding effects that let you cut down the size of your pedalboard.

The live room sounds great and suits anything from rock drums to strings.

The ‘dead’ end of the studio is also great for tracking drums and is separated from the main studio with bi-fold doors.

(BM 900-950 nuevo y Rat 800- 850 nuevo) Me gustaría tambien usarlos tipo boost, onda estar tocando tipo crunch y mandarle el pedal sin que suene una bola de ruido, se puede?