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کمپانی اچ پی جهت پشتیبانی بهتر از محصولات خود برای هماهنگی بیشتر با ویندوز 10 درایور مخصوص هر پرینتر جهت نصب بر روی نسخه های جدید ویندوز را آماده کرده است. دانلود درایور پرینتر hp 127 برای ویندوز 10 درایور پرینتر های hp 127 & 128 برای ویندوز 8 و win10پرینتر hp 127 پرفروش ترین چاپگر طی دو سال اخیر است.

که بر روی تمامی نسخه های ویندوز از جلمه ویندوز 7 و 8 نسخه های 32bit و 64bit قابل نصب هستند.

Tint Tek offers the following features: Despite all of these powerful features and money-saving updates, Tint Tek 20/20 is still an industry leading value at a price of only $1,395.00 for one year of unlimited use. Pay only $295.00 for 30 days of full access to the software, then $139.95/month! A user installs and activates the Tint Tek 20/20 software on his pc, and loads the vinyl cutter with standard window tint film just as a sign shop would open LXI sign software and load vinyl to cut a vinyl sign.

After the first year, the license and hardware key can be renewed at an annual renewal fee of $1,395.00 or $139.95/month. It's the best buy for tint businesses and entrepreneurs on a tight budget. The user opens the Tint Tek 20/20 software, selects the template for the make and model of vehicle being tinted and sends the template to the vinyl cutter.

You can also read about my experience with the upgrade process here and sign up for the newsletter.

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