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This applies whether the man you might go out with has been married before or not. Don’t let the previous marital status of a potential suitor cloud your judgment. You won’t scare away the right guy by being up front and honest.If you want to get married, you need to make sure that you’re both on the same page before you agree to that first date. And don’t shy away from being direct about the fact that you are dating for marriage. Related Article: Finding the One Assuming that you’re both marriage-minded, let’s focus on the most important things to consider when you are evaluating whether or not someone is the right one for you. The fact that you are willing to date men who have been divorced is great. That being said, you do need to be attracted to someone in order for the relationship to ultimately work out.Drinking is okay, but there's a difference between drinking for fun, and an addiction. And one more thing about drinking, please don't drink and drive. Early in our relationship, I heard him on the phone with his friends. Over time, I caught him in lie after lie after lie. Christian Grey made me sick in many ways, the biggest way being that he was a complete control freak. In the story, he got angry with Anna because she was going to visit her mother without him!

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BUT, how do you know if your divorced guy is a keeper? These are the men you want to avoid more than the co-worker who sits next to you who has a bad cold. He's telling you he loves you every thirty seconds, and he talks about your future together in the suburbs with your minivan and three kids each. I am constantly amazed at how many men and women jump so quickly into relationships! Chances are, if the jumper is jumping into a serious relationship with you, he's done it with other girls. Both people are nervous, both are trying to relax, and both want to appear to be fun and happy. That said, watch out for the guy who orders 5 drinks on your first date, and then does the same on every date after that. He's awful to be around, always complaining, and criticizing.

Minimally, you should date someone for a year, (all four seasons) before deciding anything about your future. He might have a drinking issue that will rear its ugly head later on in the relationship. The liar: I once dated a man who told little white lies all the time. He's also cynical when it comes to anyone who bears good news. Break it off, or you will catch his negative attitude, which in my opinion is a horrible disease! The control freak: I can't resist referring to my beloved book (I'm being sarcastic), Fifty Shades of Grey.

One of the most serious boyfriends of my adult life was divorced, or divorcing (he’d been separated a year).

He knows what it is to be humbled by love, and to put other people first.

His biggest disappointment wasn’t, say, that he didn’t get into his first-choice school.