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The one-hour drama, featuring breakout star Shailene Woodley, focused on the relationships between families and friends and how they dealt with unexpected teen pregnancies.

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She is the oldest daughter of George and Anne Juergens, the older sister of Ashley Juergens, the older half sister of Robert Scott Johnson, and the mother of John Juergens.

She is also the wife of Ricky Underwood (she married Ricky a couple of years after the series finale events, confirmed by Brenda). At the start of the show, Amy is a freshman at Ulysses S.

And now coming up to the finale of five seasons and more than 120 episodes later, it's crazy.

Amy Juergens is one of the main characters and was known for being the pregnant girl at Grant High School during her freshmen year.

Amy at first decides to have an abortion, but backs out at the last minute and decides to keep the baby.