Problems to start transas ns3000 after updating to wf48

I’ve spent my whole Sunday trying to figure out the freaking thing, I tried everything from trying to run (to update all adapters in the system) — tough luck.

The real problem was, I could not reach the hard drives sine the controller was out, and my board (Dell Power Edge R610) has only one sata port used by the cd-rom, and I did not have a hard drive with windows preinstalled to boot from. Thankfully, I have several servers, so my last resort would be disconnecting a battery backup unit, taking the card out, and installing it into another server (PE 2950) that has windows on it, to try and re-run a flashrom update from there.

problems to start transas ns3000 after updating to wf48-32problems to start transas ns3000 after updating to wf48-71

)2) Upgrade to J3.3.43) Re-install template to new version, for J3.x4) Re-install all gk modules, I mean : mod_image_show_gk4, and mod_news_pro_gk5 - with versions for Joomla 3.x 5) Install plg_gkextmenu and enable plugin which you can take from gk_rockwall_rest_files_J!

3 or other packageand all should work, tested on localhost few minutes ago1) K2 component must be re-install also.

Then went to do the firmware update, it also seemed to go well, but now it's constantly asking to do a reboot since "the device has been successfully updated. No matter how many times I reboot, it keeps doing this.

There are additional updates that require a restart to take effect. The about page reports this: Software version 5.70 GPS 4.30 Text 5.70 US English Keyboard Unknown Audio 2.90 American English-jill Bluetooth 1.73 Any ideas?

This is followup for my previous message yesterday.